Course Project

Why Not Just Give Written Assignments?
“Can you really explain to a fish what it’s like to walk on land? One day on land is worth a thousand years of talking about it, and one day running a business has exactly the same kind of value.” Warren Buffet.

One of the most fundamental effects of the Internet revolution is that it is leveling the playing field, removing many business and social barriers and making it possible for even the smallest players to join the game. A key objective of our Internet Entrepreneurship course is to teach how to think creatively and develop a business on the web. And the best way to learn a new game is by playing it.

In order to let you experiment first hand with some of the ideas and techniques that enable such an enterprise, we will walk you through the process of creating, marketing and monetizing a theme-based content site of your choice. You will convert your knowledge of a certain subject into an online business and become an “Infopreneur”.

What’s In It For You?

For most Internet entrepreneurs, it’s about building a profitable online business. But your goal in creating this website doesn’t have to be purely financial. You may want to…

  • establish your name as an expert in your field
  • promote your offline business
  • commemorate someone or something you cherish
  • promote a cause you feel strongly about

Here’s an example of the site one student is our previous course created: . For him it was (and still is), sharing the passion and beautiful photos of traveling in Asia.

Why Infoprneurship?
Whatever your goal may be, the best way to achieve it online is via a theme-based content site (or blog). Why? Because online, Content Is King.

Web users search for information and solutions. They are not looking for you, they don’t know you, but they do seek what you know. If you can transform your knowledge into in-demand content you can attract users that search Google, Yahoo! and Live to your site. This brings to your site users who searched for what you offer and of all search results chose to click through to your website. Customers don’t get more targeted than that.

Information attracts targeted traffic, and targeted traffic converts into income. Better yet, Infopreneurship is free.

Why Would a Complete Stranger Trust You?
At first, they don’t trust you, let alone buy from you or opt-in to your offers. You must earn their trust by delivering the information they are searching for in a relevant and unique way. But if they like what you offer, the reward is great. You have visitors which are ready to buy and can be converted to income. This is called “Monetizing” and it’s what you’ll do in step 4 of this project. But monetizing, or generating any other action you wish your visitors take, can only come after you build trust and reliability. This is where most small online businesses fail. They sell instead of making customers want to buy.

Your challenge in this project is to attract those who seek what you know to your site and win their trust.

Try, you never know where this may take you…

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