Guidelines & Grading

The major barrier which defeats most would-be Infopreneurs is that they don’t know where to start. No plan, no process, no (or poor) tools doom most who try, and prevent others from even trying.

The project will be implemented in a structured process of 4 steps:

  1. Select a topic
  2. Build a website
  3. Promote the website
  4. Monetize it

The site’s language should be English.

You can go solo or in teams of up to four .

Your website will have a visible hit counter (counts the number of visits to your website). Each week we will announce the traffic winner and discuss the techniques the winning team used to promote their website.

Technical Requirements:
No technical expertise is required to successfully complete this project. Our only assumption is that you know a specific subject matter (e.g. mountain biking, origami, yoga) and that you’re passionate about creating a successful web site about it.

The project grade will be based, mainly, on how your site makes use of the ideas and techniques discussed in the course.

Steps 1,2, and 2b will be graded as one task and amount to 50% of the final grade. Steps 3 and 4, 25% each. Grades for step 1-2b will be published following the submission of step 2b.

2 Responses to “Guidelines & Grading”

  1. zivit Says:

    steps 1+2 > 50%, 3+4 > 25%, what are we graded for the additional 25%?

    Is it possible to upload steps 3+4 , so we will have an idea of the process?

    thanks. Zivit.

  2. rdilipk1 Says:

    Nice tips. From what you have written the project seems to be pretty easy.

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