Step 1 – Select

“The biggest mistake people make in life is not trying to make a living at doing what they most enjoy” – Malcolm S. Forbes (1919-1990).

The first step is selecting the theme of your website. What you need to do is to identify a topic (from your hobby, job, past-time, previous experience) in which you feel that you can claim some unique expertise. Feel free to choose any topic that tickles your fancy, be it Origami art, Choulnt receipts, options trading or any unique experience that you may have had like a trip to a special place, an adventure, an obsession – whatever.

The selected topic should satisfy the following criteria:

  • You have some personal angle or unique knowledge about it AND
  • You can describe it in an interesting way, using text and perhaps images AND
  • You think that it can benefit and interest others AND
  • You can gain a personal benefit from it (financial, social, philanthropic, intrinsic …)

Step 1 Tasks:

  1. Select a topic and justify your selection. In particular, explain briefly why your selected topic satisfies all four criteria listed above.
  2. Plan the high-level structure of your future web site (what pages it will have). Then write the site’s text, and (optionally) collect some images related to the site’s theme. You will learn how to add videos to your site. So, to spice up your website you can also search YouTube, Google Videos, SplashCast or DailyMotion for relevant videos. Better, you can upload your own videos to one of those sites and embed them. For example, if your site is about Origami, you may want to include this video:


    1. At this point, there is no need to worry about visual design issues; instead, focus on contents only.
    2. Your text must be short, focused, and engaging. Don’t forget: you are writing for the web, targeting people with a very short span of attention. By the end of this step you should have a list of pages your site will include and for each page its title and some text.
    3. Your contents does not have to be complete – you’ll extend it later in the course. At this stage we expect your contents to be about 1500-2000 words long.
    4. We recommend that you include an “About” page in your website and use it to introduce yourselves.
    5. Try to keep your pages hierarchy no deeper than 3 levels.

Two Word documents, one for each task above. To clarify, at this stage the contents of your future web site should be stored in a regular Word document.

GMBA: Submit these docs to david at no later than Mon the 26th of Oct at 23:59.

MBA: Step 1 of the project  is due Nov 17th, no later than 23:59. By noon Friday, please be sure to clear your topic with David, the course TA. It’s important you verify that  your topic complies with the project requirements before moving forward to develop the content.

2 Responses to “Step 1 – Select”

  1. nirpeled Says:

    please reply to my late submission of step #1

  2. Maya Elhalal Says:

    Nir, best contact David directly.

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