Step 3 – Monetize

Following our discussion of revenue models in the last class, in this step you will find ways to monetize the traffic that comes to your site. Your monetization strategy can include one or more of the revenue models presented in class.

What you need to do is come up with 3 revenue sources for your site and explain how and where they will be integrated in the site. Be as specific and you can and if applicable provide images of the kind of products, services, ads, promotions, ect.. that you plan to offer. For example, one of your monetization methods may be joining the affiliates program of a specific company. In this case we expect you to provide a link to the affiliate program, show the products you will promote, explain what your commission will be etc…

In this step you will also get a chance to enhance the overall look and feel of your site, improve the content (yours and the syndicated) and make last changes before the final course grade is set.


  1. A word document with an explanation of up to 1 page for each of your selected revenue sources.
  2. A link to your site. We will use this link to check final enhancements you added to the site.

Submission of this step is due:

GMBA – Sunday 29th before 18:00

MBA – Wed Dec 9th before 18:00

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