GMBA Student Websites

Websites created by the students in the course:


17 Responses to “GMBA Student Websites”

  1. sleepexperts Says:

    Title: Sleep Experts Guide To Helping You Sleep Soundly

    Description: Everything You Need To Know About A Good Nights Sleep

    Owners: Ilan Guttman and Naomi Younger


  2. Danny S Says:

    Title: My Favorite Place

    Description: Experience my favorite places and share yours

    Owner: Danny Sacharov


  3. razshani33 Says:

    Title: amature sport information

    Description: All the sports information that you need to know

    Owners: Dana Dar, Raz Shani, Yaron Shilat


  4. cockatiels4u Says:

    Title: Cockatiels – The Easy Family Pet

    Description: Practical Information about Cockatiels as pets

    Owner: Rhona Morris


  5. yaron slezak Says:

    Title: Web Night Story
    Description: The Virtual Audio/Video Library for Children’s Stories
    Owners: Rachel Brody, Amnon Gat, Yaron Slezak

  6. Dog Says:

    Title: All about Dogs (הכל אודות הכלב)
    Description: Lots of Information for Dog Lovers
    Owners: Lior Bronshtein, Merav Ben-Elia, Noam Davi dson

  7. aaronblank Says:

    Title: Upcycling in Israel
    Description: Helping to educate and promote the concept of upcycling in Israel
    Owners: Aaron Blank and Moran Twena

  8. shadiebisharat Says:

    Title: Grandma for life
    Description: Allowing each user to have his/hers grandma’s recipes, “medicines”, life experience etc. accompanied with pictures from the past, videos etc. will not only help him/her remember his/hers grandma and commemorate her but also contribute to a multi-cultural archive of recipes, “medicine”, music, songs, personal history.
    Owners: Sagi Arditi, Ariel Amiri, Shadie Bisharat.

  9. theurbanrun Says:

    Title: The Urban Run

    Description: Find, Plot, and Map Urban Running Routes Worlwide.

    Owners: Amir Horowitz, Hillel Goldblum, and Erez Ezra


  10. spoonsidc Says:

    Title: GottaLuvSpoons

    Description: you thought you know spoons…think again ! HAHAHA!!!

    Owners: Aleksey Krasnopolsky, Offer Shaked, Noam Bernstein, Anna Sandler


  11. alonpeled Says:

    Title: BRICANICA

    Description: BRICanica intends to be the Encyclopedia Britannica of the BRIC countries.

    Owners: Alissa Frank, Tomer Lavie, Alon Peled, & Asaf Watchel


  12. the80timetunnel Says:

    Title: Time tunnel to the 80s

    Description: A place to all the 80s fans and nostalgic people in general… which want to go back to the magical decade and find the music/movies/food/fashion that they loved…

    Owners: Chen Loewy, Moses Roses, Dafna Yanay


  13. hummusnearyou Says:

    Title: Hummus Near You

    Description: Begginers guide to hummus in Israel. Everything you need to know about parttaking in the Israeli Hummus experience

    Owners: Shay Mazor, Sharon Rosen, Smadar Ludomirski, Yochai Melochna


  14. yanivosn Says:

    Title: The Middle Man’s blog

    Description: Insights of a relationships coach – a place to improve and better understand the relationships you have with others and yourself

    Owner: Yaniv Nissim


  15. dovdubrov Says:

    The webnightstory is a wondrful web and agrate idea. It support parents in the global world condition. I’m psychologist and I think such a web support good connection and rlationship between parents and children and also proper development. I hope many parent and grandparents will see and use this web

  16. nirpeled Says:

    Title: my drawer

    Description: people share their stories, poems and other creative ideas which were kept privately – deep in thier “drawer”

    Owners: Nir Peled


  17. dhermann Says:

    Title: Back Door University’s Blog
    Description: The ultimate source for graduation – find study materials from different universities/courses/professors.
    Owners: Sasi Ezer, Omer Pupkin, Adi Melamed, Dan Hermann

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