What’s New For GMBA (EN course, Sun)

Here are the notes from the New Media Marketing Models session and Revenue Models session.

To your request, an additional review of your websites will be performed by David next Friday (Dec 4th) and amount for 20% of final grade.

To be clear:

30% steps 1-2b as submitted in due dates.
20% final overall review of website – this is your chance to enhance content and give it a design face lift.
25% step 3
25% step 4

Step 3 and 4 due no later than Fri Dec 4th. This message overrides any previous due date published.

Grading break down is final. Thank you David for your flexibility commitment and passion. It’s greatly appreciated.


In our final session this Next Sunday we will conclude out discussion of Marketing Models and Explore New Media Revenue Models.

Step 3 is published and due Sunday the 22nd.


New Media marketing models is the topic for Sunday the 15th session. Social Marketing expert, David Miron will be giving the lecture and following his class you will be implementing the marketing techniques discussed to your websites.


Here are the class notes which complete our discussion of The World is Flat and Principles and Practices of New Media Success.

In our next session we will explore New Media Marketing Models and then Step 3 of the project will be posted. For now, keep updating your site with new relevant content (text, videos, images, references etc…).


Step 2b has been published and is due Nov 8th, no later than 14:00.

Steps 1,2, and 2b will be graded as one task and amount to 50% of the final grade. Steps 3 and 4, 25% each. Grades for step 1-2b will be published following the submission of step 2b.


Next Sunday we will discuss harnessing the Principles and Practices of Successful Internet companies to New Media ventures and projects.

Yuval Niv will give a guest talk about the challenges of introducing and executing New Media initiatives in traditional companies.

Yuval Niv is a VP of Technology Investment at NRVision Ventures, a Private Equity fund, where he manages investments in the fields of Renewable Energy, Life Science, and Communications. He also owns an Internet venture in a stealth mode and holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management.

Step 2 of the project has been posted (see side bar menu on the right) and is due Nov 1st, no later than 14:00.


Correction to contact info sent via email: David should be contacted at David a Soluto dot com.

Project First Step
Full guidelines and instructions are available in the project pages on the right side menu.

Start here then review the guidelines and grading.

The First class meets on Sun, Oct 18 2009, at 19:00, in the A111 class (Arison-Lauder Building).

Please make yourself a habit to check this web site at least 2-3 times a week, since this is the only official channel of communications between the instructors and students in this course. To make things clear, what is written here supersedes what was said in class. For example, the instructors may post a homework assignment here, without mentioning it in class. And, once the homework (or message, or whatever) is posted, it is your responsibility to read it and act accordingly.

Here is the course syllabus.

Oct 18 lecture: Here are the class notes of the first lecture, plus the course project notes .

Seth Godin‘s TED talk mentioned in class can be viewed here. In this talk Seth Godin argues the Internet has ended mass marketing and revived a human social unit from the distant past: tribes. Founded on shared ideas and values, tribes give ordinary people the power to lead and make big change. He urges us to do so.

Questions and Comments: The platform we used to build this site is the same as the one you will use to build yours in the course project. It is called WordPress. Before posting comments or questions on this course site, please make sure you are logged in to WordPress so we know who you are. Use the login info (user and password) you get when you sign up for a WordPress account in step 1 of the project. Set your ‘display name’ in your profile to your real name. Your profile setting is available in the ‘My Account’ menu on the top left corner of the page that loads after you log in.

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